What is Funtonia affiliate program?

Funtonia is a website that supplies over 1 million ringtones to cellular phone users worldwide. Funtonia's affiliate program provides you with all of the tools and services required to create a web and mobile presence, allowing you to maximiuze profits from the ringtone industry. The Funtonia affiliate program also allows you to take advantage of the mobile traffic coming to your website by redirecting that traffic to your mobile white label, which will let you monitize all your mobile traffic.

Why should I use Funtonia?

Funtonia is the only ringtone affiliate program available that provides you with the tools and services required to properly take advantage of your web and mobile traffic. After joining Funtonia, you will enjoy full access to such tools as mobile white label, redirect script, promotional content, including web and mobile banners, and much more.
With a database containing over 1,000,000 high-quality MP3 tones and thousands of wallpapers, Funtonia has quickly built a large user base and a high conversion rate.
Funtonia also supporst all US and worldwide mobile mobile carriers.

What kind of traffic do you accept?

We accept all web and mobile traffic and support all US and international mobile carriers.

How can I use Funtonia without a mobile site?

We will provide you with all of the tools required in order to create a fully hosted mobile white label. This service is completely free to use.

How much time does it take to be approved?

All applicants are approved instantly.

Can I use one account for more than one website?

Yes. There is no need to create more than one account. You can also utilize the campaign tools to create new campaigns and track conversions from any traffic source.
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How does the Funtonia.com Affliate Program work?

Simply sign up and place one of our ads on your site. We'll keep track of how many paying memebers you send us each month and we'll pay you a commission of their membership fees. It doesn't matter when your users pay. Even if they use the site for six months before becoming a member, you will still receive your commission.

What kind of mobile tools does Funtonia offer?

We provide you will all of the tools and services required to become a mobile affiliate. Mobile banners, fully hosted white label mobile sites, and redirect script are just some of the services we provide. You can find out more in the 'Mobile Tools' section and inside your account.

How do I take advantage of my mobile traffic and what is a mobile white label?

We provide you with a 100% accurate redirect script that will reroute your mobile traffic from you website to your mobile white label site. Funtonia provides you with a free fully hosted mobile white label which you can create instantly. A mobile white label is a mobile site that can be integrated with your own domain or sub domain. You can redirect mobile traffic from your website to your mobile white label with our redirect script.

Can I link to a specific landing page?

You are allowed to link to any page you want. You can find further information in the "Link Tools" section.

How much money can I expect to earn?

Earn $12 for every referral who subscribes to our 1 year package.
Earn $8 for every referral who subscribes to our 3 months package.

When do I get paid?

Payment is received up to two weeks after the end of the calendar month, provided you've earned more than $100. If you haven't yet earned $100, we'll roll your account into the following month. We can pay by PayPal, checks, and can also send wire transfers for amounts over $1000.

Which payment methods do you offer?

We currently provide payouts via check (min $100), PayPal ($100), and wire transfer (min $1000).

I have not received payment. What should I do?

Please email our support team for further assistance.

How do I make changes to my payment information?

Go to the "Profile" section in your account.

I forgot my login information. How do I retrieve it?

Please click here and your login information will be sent to your account email.

How often do you update your stats?

Our stats are updated automatically in real time.

Do you offer campaign tracking?

Yes. You can track individual campaigns in the "Manage Campaigns" section of your account.
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